The Masters of Makeover

Fortified Coatings is a painting company is based out of Maple City, Michigan. Servicing Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties for over 15 years. Their specialty is providing excellent work, with outstanding customer service to residential and commercial businesses.

We designed a website that provides a simple and effective user-experience. In addition, we made sure the phone number and contact forms were on every page to help drive user-engagement with the site. This works effectively on mobile, laptop or desktop with immediate load times to improve the ranking with the search engines like Google and Bing. We also included a list of local clients directly on the homepage to show potential clients that they are truly a local business.

Ways We Promoted Local:

  • Incorporated Local Business Logos
  • Added Testimonials to Show the Quality of the Work
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Map Showing Service Areas
  • Created Local Branding Advertisements
  • Animated Demo Layout
  • Matched Branding From Website to Local Marketing
  • Mentioned Location Throughout the Site For Organic SEO