Multiple Companies One Website

Certified Holdings is a family of companies from across the United States with a strong focus in the oil and gas industries. With five different companies, they needed a website that could support the growth of all of them without getting confusing or cumbersome.

With a mobile-first design, we laid out all of the companies under a single website and made sure a user could navigation to any page in under 2 clicks. The custom built dropdowns allow for a user to see the different services offered by each company without ever getting lost. In addition, we kept the full navigation with all of the logos on each page to help reinforce the branding and support long-term growth.

More Design Features:

  • Five Companies – One Website
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Specialized SEO for Google Indexing
  • All Five Companies on Mobile
  • Contact Forms That Email Each Company Independently
  • HTTPS For Extra Security
  • Professional Design